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International Biennale of Ceramics De Châteauroux - 19th edition

It makes no difference, identical, same battle… Idem expresses the issue of the upcoming international biennial of ceramics of Châteauroux: show that even if a border exists in arts, that border does not separate ceramics from art, but art from non-art. Prove, somehow, that the value of intentionality – which is considered essential in art – is shared not only by painters, artist engravers, sculptors or photographers, but also by ceramicists. As they are becoming increasingly versatile, artists are craving for departioning. They are meeting on similar historical paths, cultivating the same lands and exploring the same horizons.

The exhibition will be built around fourteen spaces to be inhabited, sorts of white cubes of various dimensions and will present the works of 33 international artists. Each space will house an encounter between 2 or 3 artists each working on different materials.

The exhibition will bring together works animated by similar intentionality's and/or similar artistic approach.

The project aims at showing strong artistic identities boosted by the encounter.

Les artistes invités:

marc alberghina – armelle benoit – stephane bordarier – emmanuel boos – anne brégeaut – alison britton – choi byung-so – laurence crespin – rowena dring – laurent esquerré – zachary eastwood-bloom – anthony girardi – jean girel – ruth gurvich – jean-luc herman – daisuke ichiba – eva jospin – esben klemann – lee bae – patrick loughran – virgile loyer – madé & jm fondimare – paul march – aurelie nemours – lawson oyeka – michel perot – susanne ring – agnès rosse – helene schmitz – xue sun – stéphane trois carrés – arnaud vérin – heike weber

Direction des Musées de Châteauroux: Michèle Naturel

Commissariat: Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida

Graphisme: Carole Berthelémy

English press release here.

More information on the web site here.


Biennale internationnale de céramique de Châteauroux

13 rue Saint Benoit

Le Mans 72000


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